Our aim is to help your organisation improve its systems, procedures and operations. With the benefit of the knowledge we have built up through years of working with similar organisations, we are able to make a valuable contribution to the way you operate.

We also provide assurance to your organisation’s boards of directors/trustees that they, as a board, are compliant with their legal and regulatory responsibilities.

Our experienced audit team offers a range of internal audit services, providing assurance and advice to trustees, directors and management in the following key areas:

  • The adequacy and effectiveness of the system of internal control
  • The effectiveness of the governance framework and risk management processes
  • The economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations

We work with a wide range of clients including charities, educational bodies, housing associations and commercial organisations. We offer a personalised service based on a strong understanding of your organisation’s operations and risks. We aim to produce practical solutions to address identified weaknesses, which are both appropriate and proportionate to your organisation’s culture and resources.

Our services are tailored to the size and complexity of your organisation and include:

  • A fully outsourced internal audit service
  • Audit Needs Assessments
  • One-off reviews of the internal control environment and the governance framework
  • Assistance with the development of risk management policies and procedures
  • Value for Money reviews
  • Local branch inspections

Please contact one of our key contacts below to discuss how we can help you.