VAT is a complex tax, particularly for organisations that are partially exempt, such as charities, which are unable to recover all of their input VAT. Some businesses, such as those involved in property development and international services, are also partially exempt.

As an indirect tax, VAT can seriously affect the profitability of some businesses. The good news is that we have specialist VAT advisors offering VAT planning and compliance services. We also provide support for organisations undergoing HMRC investigations.

Our team of VAT experts provides clear and concise advice to help you navigate your way through the legislation and case law, and delivers the best solution for your organisation. With our advice and assistance, you can have peace of mind that your VAT is handled correctly.

We are provide a comprehensive VAT service including:

Our VAT reviews have helped many of our clients maximise their input VAT recovery and, where appropriate, we have secured VAT refunds, some of which have been significant to the client’s business.

We provide regular updates to our clients on important tribunal decisions and changes to VAT legislation, and we pride ourselves on our ability to explain complex issues in clear and straightforward language. For many of our clients, VAT is a key operational risk and we provide a personal and expert service which aims to mitigate that risk.

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