The VAT implications of any plan is a key consideration for our clients, when carrying out reorganisations and planning future operations and activities.

An unexpected VAT liability can suddenly render a project financially unviable. Our VAT team works with our clients to ensure that VAT remains a central part of their strategic planning. Our reports are drafted in clear and straightforward language so that directors, senior management, trustees and business owners have a sound understanding of VAT legislation, as it affects their organisation, and are confident in assessing the VAT implications of their decisions.

Some of the key VAT planning areas in which we are frequently involved include:

  • Setting up VAT groups to avoid the risk of VAT on inter-group transactions
  • Setting up VAT cost sharing groups, where independent organisations that meet the criteria can share services in a VAT efficient way
  • Opting to tax properties, which facilitates VAT recovery when significant repairs and renovations are planned
  • Ensuring that zero-rate and reduced-rate reliefs are maximised when carrying out building development work
  • Advising on the VAT position of international services
  • Advising on the VAT position of grants and contracts entered into by organisations

Charities and not for profit

Our charity clients and other not-for profit clients frequently engage us to review their activities and methodologies for recovering input VAT, to maximise the amount of input VAT recovered. This could involve reviewing their partial exemption calculations and the benefits provided to their members.

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