Knox Cropper Trades Unions

Knox Cropper has an enviable history of working with trade unions and their pension schemes. Today the firm acts for large, national unions as well as smaller, specialist organisations. This extensive knowledge and experience, particularly, but not wholly in the education sector, enables us to advise on a broad range of issues impacting unions. Examples of areas in which we have helped include mergers with other unions, governance, VAT, financial management, and investment and tax compliance. We also advise on defined benefit pension schemes and how they affect a union’s stability.

In addition, Knox Cropper provides a range of compliance and assurance services including:

Knox Cropper has also worked alongside the Certification Officer to provide support to unions, as well as reporting under their investigatory powers. We have significant experience in completing Annual Returns (AR21) to the Certification Officer and have advised on the structure of this in the past.

Our understanding of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (as revised), and the reporting requirements of Trade Union and Employee Associations, particularly in relation to membership and balloting, provides excellent value to our trade union clients.

Knox Cropper’s tax advisors have expert knowledge of the corporation tax rules and exemptions available to trade unions, which can lead to significant tax savings. VAT is a complex area for unions due to the different income streams and, through our VAT team, we are able to advise on the optimal solution for your union’s input tax recovery.

We at Knox Cropper have been able to establish ourselves as a trusted partner to trade unions, because of our comprehensive understanding of the issues unions face and the regulations that affect them. Please contact our specialist team to benefit from this advice today.